The Charitable Heart Of Evangelos Marinakis

Many have given Evangelos Marinakis all sorts philanthropic titles. He is known to be a man with the most beautiful heart in Manchester. In South America, the residents have a nick-name “juicy river”. He keeps flowing regardless of time and season.

Call him at any event; he will be the first to arrive. He has dedicated his immense wealth to reach out to the society. Today he is the league of Bill Gates who is also known to have foundations. Well, it is not because he is rich, it is a gift he explores to the core.

After his university. He fought against FGM in Africa where he attained his first degree. He had nothing at that time, but the zeal to see girls going to school. He has gone to the heart of very complicated circumstances to offer support. Evangelos Marinakis does not only provide funds but mentorship. He speaks on many platforms to empower humanity.

House Of The Wise

The easy-going and comical Evangelos gave the House Of The Wise to the home of the old. He says they qualify to have the title by virtue of age. He has founded three in the UK where he lives. It is the best home care for the old in the UK. The poor old people are well-taken care of at a cost-free.

He invites volunteers who can offer services to the old. The most needed are the nurses and nutritionists. In as much as he has people on the payroll, he teaches humans to learn to serve. It is fantastic to learn that he works at the foundation at least once a week.

In the House Of The wise, every day is party time. Musicians never fail to pass by for entertainment. The late Whitney Houston was the most frequent celebrity there. God bless her soul.

The Nottingham Trust

Evangelos contributes more than $ 100,000 to help boost the care the Trust offers to children with disabilities. Some of the children have no one to turn to. Some have complications the parents cannot manage. These are some of the institutions that make sense to Marinakis.

The FGM Campaigns

Anti-FGM campaign was the first course he out on the ground. That was his primary center of calling. Today he partners with global trust, UNICEF, and other organizations to ensure that FGM is extinct. He travels thrice in a year to African countries like Nigeria, Uganda, and Namibia to continue with the campaigns he began two decades ago.

Rehabilitation Centers

There are many rehabilitation centers that Marinakis has founded to help bring back people affected by alcohol abuse and drugs. Addiction is one thing he persuades people to avoid with a passion.

In his campaigns, he continually reminds young entrepreneurs to be keen on matters of alcohol because it affects productivity.

Business Mentorship

Each Year, he sponsors business conferences where people are freely invited to participate. He brings in speakers to mentor business-oriented minds. They share the success stories and the ways of boosting enterprises to be admirable.

There are many more charitable initiatives that Evangelos M. Marinakis has been at the forefront to support all through his life. He says many people don’t help, not because they don’t have, it’s because they are not willing or they don’t know how.

He advises that you don’t have to give material only, you have skills that you can transfer to people in need, you have the talent you can share, and you have the testimonies that help to touch life.

All these are charitable when they come from your heat at cost-free. The beauty of giving is that, you will always want to give. The more you do it, the more it becomes part of you.

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